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It’s better to do things the wrong way rather than not doing them at all.

—Commenter on HN

Anonymous asked: whats up


Procrastinators - Leaders of tomorrow

—T-Shirt on random guy

A salesman has to deal with customers, and a developer has to deal with competitors’ software, but a system administarator, like an old bachelor, has few external forces to keep him in line

It's official: developers get better with age. And scarcer.

Datamining stackoverflow to provide some interesting statistics. 

TL;DR version at the bottom of the post

  • Number of coders drops significantly with age. Top developer numbers, at age 27, drop by half every 6-7 years.
  • Developers in their 40s answer roughly twice as much and ask half the questions compared to colleagues in their 20s. It seems younger generation learns and older generation teaches.
  • Quality of posts, i.e. upvotes earned by post, only slightly increases with age.
  • Seniors earn their high reputation by being more active than younger developers.

Those things you have to write in school are not only not essays, they’re one of the most pointless of all the pointless hoops you have to jump through in school.

A Version 1.0 essay by Paul Graham

Raw Syntax: Importance of Side Projects


Side projects are important for a few reasons. Programming is a creative process. Side projects allow programming without deadlines or restraints. Side projects allow programming in an exploratory way.

Explore new technologies

Every day there are more and more bleeding edge technologies coming…

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"The Best of edw519" is now free. Reverse Happy Birthday! - edw519

Ed Weissman built a book out of his HN comments.

It made me think about how much you actually write during a lifetime that could be compiled into a book with minimal editing.

The free “book” consist of answers to all those questions we all know and love. I call these kinds of questions productivity-porn and procrastination enablers.

It also reminds me that I have to start a new blog in the fall when I start working. Explanation and reflection reinforces learning right?